Teaching Experience

Continuing Lecturer in Chinese and Cornerstone, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

  • Chinese 101, 102
  • Transformative Texts: Critical Thinking & Communication: From Antiquity to Modernity

Visiting Assistant Professor in Chinese and Humanities, Reed College, Portland, OR

  • Second-Year Chinese, FL 2018/SP 2019
  • Introduction to Classical Chinese, SP 2019
  • Chinese Strange Writing: From Ghost Stories to Scientific Fantasies, SP 2019
  • Chinese Humanities, FL 2018/SP 2019

 Lecturer, Teaching Assistant, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

  • First Level Modern Chinese, SP 2014/FL 2013/SP 2013/FL 2011/SP 2011
  • Early and Imperial Chinese Literature, FL 2014/FL 2015
  • Buddhist Tradition, FL 2016/SP 2015
  • Culture, Illness, and Healing in Asia, SP 2017
  • Chinese Civilization, SP 2016
  • Fourth Level Modern Chinese, Fall 2010

Lecturer, Fudan University, WashU’s Study Abroad Program, Shanghai, China

  • Second Level Modern Chinese, SU 2011

Lecturer, King’s College, Language Enhancement Program, Hong Kong

  • Mandarin Chinese for Heritage (Cantonese) Speakers, FL 2008

Sample Syllabi (click for pdf)

Introduction to Chinese Civilization

Chinese Strange Writing: From Ghosts Stories to Scientific Fantasies

Introduction to Traditional Literary Chinese (Taught in Chinese)

East Asian Buddhism: Worshipping the Bodhisattva of Compassion

Teaching Evaluation

My teaching evaluations have been consistently positive. I have included below a sample of written evaluations from former students.

From Chinese Language Courses:

  • The class was very well-organized and felt like it integrated many different aspects of Chinese. I loved the songs before class, and also your openness to helping students and changing your teaching style to fit students.
  • I thought her preparations for class –the PowerPoints—were fantastic and super helpful in learning grammar. Wei laoshi did a great job blending both cultural knowledge not in the textbook and grammar.
  • Wei laoshi has made me excited to learn Chinese again. She is an excellent professor. Every class she is totally prepped and excited to teach. She is always encouraging, and even though I’m miserable in my skill in the language, she always is willing to help.
  • I think the workload is perfect. what is assigned helps us better understand the grammar and it takes only about 20 min so I still have time to study. I also love the music at the beginning of class. You are also so funny and happy that it makes learning and attending class so fun! The review sheets are also super helpful.
  • I liked that she wrote what topics we were covering on the board each week. She spoke really clearly and could explain questions very well. Her English also seemed like it was really good, so on the rare occasion that she did need to use English words to explain something, it was easy to understand. I liked that she made recitation section more creative and conversational, so it seemed more natural.
  • She was always very kind and positive and made the class environment fun and positive and kept us talking (which was the main point of subsection).
  • I thought that she made Chinese very fun for the entire class, but we still learned a lot.

From Courses on literature, cultures, and religions:

  • She was always happy and willing to listen to each student’s interpretation of the stories we read.
  • Very knowledgeable about topics covered; could effectively take over for the instructor if needed.
  • Held a very good professional demeanor when leading the class. Clear instruction and communication with class.
  • More evidence of teaching effectiveness can be found here.

Teaching Interests

Chinese Civilization, Chinese Language, Classical Chinese Literature,

Early Modern Chinese Fiction, Chinese Drama, Women’s Writings

East Asian Thoughts, Buddhism, Confucianism